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V 1. Who's Sidecastr for iPad for?
* Passionate Fans: For TV show fans who -while watching- love to read and share brutally honest real-time comments with other passionate fans.
* TV Tweeters: For fans who post and follow TV tweets but know the shortcomings and want to try a twitter-compatible app purpose-built for TV.
* Time Shifters: For fans who don't always - or ever - watch live TV but want to replay and post to the social comment stream as if they were.
V 2. What does it mean to be a '2nd screen' companion app?
* iPad is with you as 2nd screen while you watch TV on another screen. Sidecastr syncs its content to what you're watching by matching audio
* Your primary screen can be a TV, a computer, or any audio/video device that can play the show - anything but the iPad that runs Sidecastr
V 3. How does Sidecastr work even when you're not watching live TV?
* Sidecastr uses advanced audio recognition technology to figure out the exact episode and second of the show you're watching
* So you need to be watching an episode of a show we cover. Sidecastr usually takes 10 - 20 seconds to match up with your show
* TIP: Don't try to initially sync during commercials - they can be different in different locations and repeat over multiple episodes
V 4. Where do the comments come from?
* Comments - called sidecasts - are either written by Sidecastr users or pulled in real-time from the twitter stream by super-fan volunteers
V 5. Why filter the twitter stream?
* On average, 9 of 10 tweets are redundant, more about the poster than about the show, or spam-like. But the 1 in 10 are pure gold
* As they choose tweets from our proprietary twitter dashboard, our super-fans can tag each tweet to a category - which has big benefits
V 6. What are the selection criteria that Sidecastr asks Super-fans to use when selecting tweets?
* Honest. About the moment. Questions or answers. Likely to provoke a response. Representative . Informative. Entertaining. Snarky.
V 7. Why does Sidecastr organize all comments into categories?
* Categories are Sidecastr's secret sauce. They allow users to customize their screens to remove unwanted topics and prioritize others
* Categories help make Sidecastr future-proof. We can create a category out of any public source of social TV content, then let users decide
V 8. Do I need to log in to use Sidecastr?
* No. If all you want to do is read other people's comments, you won't even be asked to create a login
* As soon as you want to write a sidecast, reply, or vote, you will be asked to create a login.
V 9. Do I need to be a Twitter user to use Sidecastr?
* Nope. You can create a native Sidecastr login. But if you happen to be a twitter user, there are many benefits
* If you log in with your twitter account, your sidecasts can be sent as tweets, your replies as @replies, and your 'up' votes as retweets
* Sidecasts sent as tweets benefit from a wider audience, whose actions are tracked. Retweets count as 'up' votes, @replies are pulled in too
V 10. What does it mean that Sidecastr 'covers' a show?
* At our servers, we need to process the audio for the show and episode you're watching so that the app can sync to the second
* Covering a show also means that one or more super-fans is manning the twitter dashboard while the show is live to filter in the best tweets
V 11. Why does Sidecastr cover only certain shows?
* 30+ shows attract most of the social interaction in a week. When you watch with Sidecastr, we want you to know there’s a there there ;-)
* We will be adding shows all the time. Keep checking our site
V 12. How does Sidecastr make money?
* We work with the brands who sponsor the TV shows we cover, who hope to add value and engage with fans in a new, more interactive way
* We offer show sponsors a positive, non-intrusive way to sponsor a show on Sidecastr and connect with its most loyal & passionate fans
* Sponsors have a special reserved space in our app's top section - above user comments - to message and interact, in sync with the show

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